What subscription plan is suitable for me?

The choice of subscription depends on the room, played stakes and desired functionality.

hand2note subscriptions

European and American rooms

Hand2Note is totally free for the stakes up to NL25 and tournaments with buy-ins up to $9. In this case, you don’t need a subscription. When the trial ends, the program simply goes into a free mode, you don’t need to do anything.

If you play the stakes higher than NL25, you can buy a subscription here: http://www.hand2note.com/Purchase. Use H2N10MJ promo code to get 10% discount and other bonuses.

You can choose the best option for your stakes. Note that Range Research and Decision Analysis functions are only available on the EDGE version. Therefore, even if you play low stakes, but want to use these functions, you need to purchase EDGE.

Asian Rooms

There is no free version of Hand2Note for Chinese apps. After the end of the trial, you need to purchase a special subscription to continue using the program: http://www.hand2note.com/Purchase#poker-master-subscription. Use H2N10MJ promocode when buying to get 10% discount and other benefits.

Please note that positional and dynamic HUD don’t work on STANDARD version, and there is also no possibility of grabbing hands in observer mode (you have to sit at the table so that the hands can be collected). Those features are only available on HYPER version.

If you play only Asian rooms, you don’t need a regular subscription. However, if you want to use Range Research or Decision Analysis, you need to additionally purchase EDGE version.