Why Hand2Note?

Hand2Note is faster than HM2/PT4 and provides a much wider range of features for use during the game and for analysis outside the tables. Many of the top regulars have already switched to this software and have significantly increased their EV.

Check out the features of Hand2Note and comparison with other trackers on the official website.

Please note, you can start using Hand2Note for free and also get a free HUD for the beginning.

I use HoldemManager2 / PokerTracker4 and I’m a winning player. Why change something?

Online poker is developing very rapidly, now from an easy way of earning the game turns into a real competitive environment, where there is a tough battle between regs for fishes money. Winrates of those who don’t work on the game and don’t study the trends of the field, gradually fall. In modern conditions, you need to work hard and be in trend to have 5+ bb/100 in cash games at a considerable distance. (The only exception is Asian rooms, where winrates can be much higher.)

Hand2Note will help you be one step ahead. Do not wait for the moment when you have to change something. Do it in advance, even if you lose some time and money to study it, otherwise in the future you will have to lose much more.

Hand2Note is quite difficult to master software, but having studied our extended guide in addition to the official manual, or by taking personal lessons, you can quickly adapt to the new software.

If you are currently using Holdem Manager 2, we recommend you to start from How to switch from HM2 to Hand2Note section.