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StarsCaption is a poker assistant tool for comfortable play in the PokerStars room. The program allows you to:

  • Display all the chip amounts in big blinds
  • Display position names for all players
  • Set Predefined Bet Sizings for various game spots
  • Configure Hot Keys for all the actions
  • Display HUD with useful info (pot odds, blinds level, SPR, time bank, etc.)
  • And much more!

The software is officially approved by PokerStars.

What are the features of Starscaption?

Starscaption provides you with numerous features to improve your game experience on PokerStars. All these features make your poker sessions indescribably more convenient. Your life will be divided into the moment before and after the integration of Starscaption into your game.

The main Starscaption features are:

  • Chips to BB. Displaying all the chip amounts (bets and stack sizes) in big blinds. So you don’t need to calculate in your head how many blinds there are in your opponent’s stack. Now you see that information right away.
  • Betscript. You can pre-define various bet and raise sizings for different game situations. When the certain situation comes at the table, your sizing will be already entered in the betting box.
  • Hotkeys. Set hot keys for almost any possible action at the tables – Bet, Raise, Fold, Check, Sit out next BB, Fold to any bet, Close the table, etc.
  • HUD. Starscaption HUD will help you to display a lot of useful additional info for both cash and tournaments. Betting history, pot odds, stack to pot ratio, bluff equity, stack size on the next street (depends on your current bet size), and much more.
  • Table organizer. The must-have feature for multitabling. The ability to configure tables layout and auto-placing tables in the needed slots. The frame around the table that requires your attention.
  • Many “small” features to make your game smooth and convenient. Auto-clicking “I’m back”, Auto-activating Time Banks, Auto-closing poker room dialog windows, and more.

See more detailed description of all features and customization tips in the official Starscaption help page.

What’s the Starscaption price?

The price is $24 for a one year license. You can prolong your license any time using the same Starscaption purchase page.

There are no discounts provided according to the developer policy. Anyway the price is very loyal considering the functionality that the software provides. For any serious poker player who plays on PokerStars, Starscaption is a worthwhile investment.

How to buy Starscaption?

Go to the Starscaption: Buy and Activate page and follow the simple steps. You just need to make a payment and send your License ID for activation.