GTO Wizard Review

In this article we will review the main features of GTO Wizard – the ultimate GTO software for poker players. It doesn’t matter what level you are at now – from micro to high stakes. In modern online poker you have to at least have a basic understanding of GTO. But Wizard gives you way more than basic understanding. It allows you to study GTO very deeply but at the same time quickly and efficiently. Let’s have a look at it.

What is GTO Wizard?

In short, GTO Wizard is a web-based poker application for studying GTO.

GTO Wizard review

First of all, it has a library with more than 10 million presolved situations. All formats of Cash, heads-up SNGs, MTTs and Spins games are supported. The second main feature of the software is the ability to practice GTO strategy. And third is Analysis, that is, loading your hand histories and check how correctly you played from GTO perspective. We will look at each of these functions in more detail later in this article.

Creating an account and Login

You can get in the app in a couple of clicks. Use your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

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GTO Wizard sign in

As soon as you enter the app, you will see a dashboard with of all the main features, trainer and analyzer stats, and a news block with the latest articles and videos.

GTO Wizard user dashboard
GTO Wizard User Dashboard

Let’s start with one of the main functions – the library of pre-calculated solutions. To go there, select “Study” on the Dashboard.

Library of presolved solutions

On this page you can configure the game parameters (1), and then easily navigate through the ranges (2).

GTO Wizard review the solution

In the simulation it is assumed that all players adhere to the GTO strategy. You can set any sequence of actions, and then see exactly how a certain player should react in this particular game situation.

You can customize the game format very flexibly. A lot of parameters at your disposal – classic, ante, straddle games; HU, short-handed and full-ring tables; stack and bet sizes; rake structure and more.

GTO Wizard game format settings

So in the “Study” section you can view and study GTO strategy. We will now move on to the “Practice” section, in which you can challenge yourself how accurately you can follow the GTO ranges in game.

GTO Trainer

In “Practice” section you can train GTO ranges, and also review the detailed statistics of your trainings.

GTO Wizard practice section

The most popular feature here is “Trainer” which simulates a real game against GTO opponents. Every action you take in “game” will be ranked: Best move, Correct move, Inaccuracy, Wrong move or Blunder. As in Study section, Trainer is highly customizable – you can set up spots you want to train, difficulty, number of tables, and so on.

Poker GTO Trainer

Next we go to the “Analyze” section where you can run the analysis of the real hands you played.

Analyzer of hand histories

You can upload a single file or a folder with bunch of hand histories. GTO Wizard will analyze all the decisions you made in these hands. After upload and calculations are complete (they’re super fast and only depend on your internet speed), you’ll see a list of your hands evaluated from GTO perspective.

GTO hand history analyzer

You can now work with this data to find the leaks in your game.


You can fully customize the appearance and hotkeys in the app. It’ll make your learning process as convenient as possible.

GTO Wizard app customization


That’s it. We took a brief tour of the GTO Wizard software and reviewed the main sections of the application. This knowledge is already enough to start including this tool into your poker training plan. However, keep in mind that GTO Wizard is a very deep tool with a huge number of learning features that you will discover for yourself as you use it.

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