Use H2N10MJ promo code when purchasing Hand2Note subscription to get instant 10% discount. You just need to enter the coupon in a special field on the purchasing page. The price will be recalculated immediately.

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Enter promo code to get discount for Hand2Note

If you purchase yearly subscription with this code, you will also get an additional 5% cashback and a free coaching session on Hand2Note usage.

Please note, that you may also get a free HUD. Nevertheless, it’s just a static set of stats. And if you buy PRO license, you’ll have the opportunity to use way more advanced and effective HUDs. So take a look at our HUD&popup store to get the best pack for Hand2Note.

To get your bonuses, contact us right after purchasing. If promo code doesn’t work or you have any additional questions, let us know, we’ll help.

Why I should buy it?

Hand2Note is the most powerful and advanced software on the market of poker tracker programs. It provides a wide of range of tools for the poker players of any level. Whether you’re experienced regular player or just a beginner, you will find a lot of useful functions in Hand2Note. It will help you to analyze your game, extract maximum value from your lines and exploit your opponents effectively.

Read our material why you should use Hand2Note instead of Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker.

Watch the overview video to make sure that this software is really the coolest:

The basic features are available in free version of Hand2Note. However, if you want to use all the advanced functions of the most powerful poker software, you need to get a paid subscription.

Which add-on is suitable for me?

EDGE version contains all the advanced Hand2Note features such as:

  • positional and dynamic HUDs;
  • extended popup on stat;
  • Range Research;
  • Decision Analysis.

But you can’t use Hand2Note in Asian apps with EDGE. So if you play in European or American classic desktop rooms, EDGE is the best choice for you.

In case you play in Chinese apps, you have to choose between ASIA and PRO plans. ASIA allows you to use the software with Chinese rooms. But described above features are not included into it. PRO add-on includes all Hand2Note possibilities for any of the supported rooms.