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Using high-quality HUD and popups for your game is a crucial thing if you’re a regular player.

Why you should consider our packs:

  • All profiles are developed in collaboration with professional players
  • All stats are well-tested on a long distance
  • All HUDs are available for editing, so you can adjust it for your needs

Build, View and Train preflop ranges

FreeBetRange is a perfect online poker tool for preflop charts.

  • Editor: Create your preflop ranges strategy or Import from other apps
  • Viewer: Navigate through your strategy in a couple of clicks
  • Trainer: Learn your ranges using two efficient training modes

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Getting started with advanced poker software

Why Hand2Note?

Why it is so important to use modern software instead of outdated trackers

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Overview of the remarkable features you can get with paid subscription. It could be a great investment for your poker career.

  • Positional and dynamic HUD
  • Automatic God-mode popups for each stat
  • Exploring opponents tendencies
  • Analyzing profitability of all your decisions

Switch from other trackers

Switching to Hand2Note from outdated trackers may seem to be complicated at first. Use our step-by-step guide to make transition process quick and easy.

  1. Install Hand2Note
  2. Pick a HUD
  3. Import your database
  4. Start playing!
  5. Keep studying advanced features

Set everything up

Initial setup

How to set up H2N in your poker room for a quick and comfortable start

General manual

Detailed description of all Hand2Note functions with real use-cases


Solutions for the most common problems when using Hand2Note

The best tracker for Asian apps

Hand2Note supports PokerMaster, PPPoker, PokerBros, PokerTime, PokerKing and other popular Chinese apps.

Use the benefits of the new generation poker software:

  • Easiest start
  • 99%+ accurate HUD
  • Plenty of features for game and analysis

PokerStars HUD

Hand2Note provides accurate and effective HUD for PokerStars. Play on the world’s leading poker site with the best poker software!

Why choose Hand2Note:

  • Allowed to use on PS
  • Completely free
  • The best functionality among all trackers