Get private classes on professional Hand2Note usage. Adjust to the new program quickly and effectively. Get answers to all your questions. Use the whole potential of the best poker tracker software to increase your winrate!

Hand2Note coaching sessions will allow you to quickly learn all the features of the program. You’ll also get personal recommendations how to use all the functions in the most efficient way.

hand2note coaching
Hand2Note coaching session with TeamViewer

Please note, that you can get free Hand2Note coaching session if you buy a subscription with our promo code. You’ll also get a discount for your purchasing so it’s double benefit for the start.

More information about training is presented on the official Hand2Note website.


Schedule Appointment

Click on the button to open a special form for quick enrolling. You will be able to set up a convenient time and make a secure payment.


What will be needed for training?

Only TeamViewer and Hand2Note. Please update TeamViewer to the latest version (Help → Check for the new version).

Can I record a video of the session?

Yes. Moreover, the coach can do that by himself. You just need to warn about this in advance. The video is protected by copyright, it can not be used for commercial purposes, only for personal viewing.

If you have any questions left, please contact us.