We offer personal training of using Hand2Note through Skype or TeamViewer.

We are the creators of this website and professional poker players. We have extensive experience of using Hand2Note.

The training includes a wide range of topics:

  • Overview of Hand2Note features ($19/hour)
  • Creating HUD and popups of any complexity ($19/hour)
  • Creating stats of any complexity ($19/hour)
  • Range Research and Decision Analysis professional usage ($29/hour)
  • Full course of switching from HM2, the main differences and features of Hand2Note ($19/hour)
  • Regular Hand2Note usage during the game and outside the tables ($19/hour)
  • Any other questions you may have ($19/hour)

When buying a few hours discounts are possible. You can also get a free consultation if you purchase Hand2Note subscription using our promocode.

Contact us for more information.