GTO Wizard Discount

✍️ Last updated: 11 July, 2024.

To get an instant 10% discount on any GTO Wizard subscription purchase, follow the 3 simple steps:

1. Open GTO Wizard website with our link

2. Create an account and sign in

3. 10% discount will be automatically applied to any purchase you make.

You can also copy and paste the link in a new tab:

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the message indicates that you have a discount thanks to nickkorolev.

GTO Wizard discount

More than a discount

Our deal gives you an extra bonus. If you sign up with our link and purchase any annual plan of GTO Wizard, you’ll also get Freebetrange 60 days PRO license for free. Freebetrange supports GTO Wizard’s ranges format. Therefore, you can perfectly combine these 2 tools: study GTO ranges in the Wizard, and create your own custom preflop strategy in Freebetrange.

Freebetrange range editor

To claim this bonus, you need to create Freebetrange account and contact us. Your PRO license will be automatically activated within 24 hours after your GTO Wizard purchase.

What if discount doesn’t work?

Please make sure that you’re creating a new account. Because if you have an existing account with purchases made in the past, discounts are not applicable. Contact us if you’re sure you’re making a first purchase but discount still doesn’t work.

Why should I buy GTO Wizard?

Doesn’t matter what level you play, to be a solid and winning player, you have to learn GTO. Of course you need to exploit the mistakes of other players – this is how money made in poker. And to exploit, you have to deviate from GTO ranges. But how you’d deviate if you don’t know GTO ranges at first place? If you don’t have a solid GTO base in your head, your ranges will be too random, and you’ll also be very exploitable against other professional players.

GTO Wizard app

So the need to study the GTO is undeniable. GTO Wizard is a perfect app in your poker tools arsenal to fully satisfy it. The app works in your browser, so you shouldn’t install any software on your PC. All the solutions are pre-calculated so you don’t have to wait to solve a specific spot. The application works quickly and smoothly, and also contains a bunch of convenient training features that you will gradually discover as you use it.

Learn more about GTO Wizard features in our GTO Wizard Review article.

What subscription plan is suitable for me?

Right after signing up you will be asked to select your game type:

  • Classic Cash games
  • MTT
  • Spin&Go
  • HU SNG
  • Straddle & Ante cash games

Don’t worry, if you need more than one game type, you can select more later.

GTO Wizard choose a poker game type

Each game type has 4 subscription plans to choose from: Free, Starter, Premium, Elite. They differ in the number and availability of features.

All the tiers open you access to the postflop solutions library. But, for example, in Starter plan you can analyze only up to 50 hand histories per month. Whereas in Premium it’s up to 100.000 hands. Also, Starter allows you to train only 100bb depth spots in practice mode, whereas in premium all the stack sizes are available.

The unique feature of the Elite plan is Ruse AI. With AI custom solving you can edit ranges, stack and pot sizes, actions, etc. Using this tool you can quickly solve any spot even if it’s not included in the Library. (Even the complex River spots!)

Review the list of available features in each plan. Then choose the one that best suits your poker training goals.

Is there GTO Wizard promo code or coupon?

No, the app doesn’t provide you with a possibility to enter coupons. To get a discount, you need to sign up with a special link.

Use our offer to start your journey with GTO Wizard at a better price.