The Best Poker Preflop Charts Software – FreeBetRange Overview

📝 Last updated: 13 May, 2024.

In this article we’ll overview the best poker software for preflop charts – FreeBetRange, or, how players call it informally – FBR.

Freebetrange poker preflop charts software
Freebetrange poker software

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Freebetrange has everything you need for the preflop:

  • Ready-made preflop charts for Cash, MTT and Spin&Go games in Library.
  • Ability to customize your ranges in a powerful Editor.
  • The perfect Viewer to see all your ranges in a form of dynamic preflop chart. Way more comfortable than PDF or screenshots!
  • Preflop Trainer for the efficient memorization of your strategy. It has a revolutionary range-drawing mode which we’ll describe in more detail later in this article.

The only thing you need to do to start using Freebetrange is to sign up – it can be easily done with your Google account or email.

Let’s consider all the features of the app step by step.

Create your own preflop charts

Right after you sign in in the app, you’ll end up in the Editor section. Here you have a total freedom of creating your own preflop strategy. You can organize ranges in folders and subfolders as you like. For example, you can create a separate folder for each position (early, middle, cutoff, button, small blind, big blind, etc.). Or maybe you want to break down your charts in different stack sizes – there is no limitation at all.

Freebetrange poker charts editor
Poker charts Editor

Besides that, the Editor is very fast and smooth, with intuitive interface. So the whole experience of working with pre-flop ranges in Freebetrange will be only positive. We recommend you checking the official Editor help page, or the official video review, so you fully understand all the features.

Use ready-made preflop strategies from the Library

If you’re looking for ready-made preflop charts, Freebetrange covers that too. In the Library section, you’ll find ready-to-go preflop strategies for all the main Texas Holdem poker formats – Cash, MTT and Spin&Go.

Preflop charts Library

If you’re No Limit Holdem Cash games player, you have a wide selection of Cash preflop charts differ in various parameters:

  • Table size (Full-Ring or Short-Handed)
  • Stakes (From Micro to High)
  • Type of strategy (GTO, Exploit, or mix of them)
No Limit Texas Holdem Cash Preflop Charts
No Limit Texas Holdem Cash Preflop Charts

For MTT players, there are MTT preflop charts package by SpinForWin poker school. In addition to that, you also have an ICM Push-Fold charts that are mostly relevant for late stages of the tournaments when you have a short stack.

MTT Preflop Charts
MTT Preflop Charts

And finally, if you prefer Spins format in poker, there is an “Essential Spin & Go Ranges” package by TeamBas poker school. These spin&go preflop charts cover most of the possible game scenarios, Heads-Up and 3-max.

Spin and Go Preflop Charts
Spin and Go Preflop Charts

Just click “Add” opposite the desired chart package and ranges will be immediately loaded in your Editor. Now you can use these charts, or modify them as you like.

Import ranges from Flopzilla, Equilab, Piosolver, etc.

It’s easy to transfer your ranges from other poker software to FBR. Freebetrange supports all the most popular preflop software’s range formats, including:

  • Flopzilla
  • Equilab
  • Power Equiab
  • PioSolver
  • HRC
  • GTO+
  • SimplePreflop
  • GTO Wizard
  • GTO Base

To import a range from any of the app above follow the simple steps:

1. Copy the range text from your app

How exactly to do this depends on what software you are using. The vast majority of preflop programs allow you to copy ranges in text format. If you do not know how to do this, check out your software help page or ask a question to their support team. Below is an example of how to copy a range from the Equilab.

poker equilab software

2. Create a new range, or select the existing one

Once you have a range copied, go back to Freebetrange. Here you need to either create a new empty range, or select the existing one that you want to overwrite.

Select a new range

3. Click “Import” and select the needed format

Make sure you select the right option, as the range text formats are vary depending on the software.

Freebetrange Import ranges

4. Paste your range and click “Import”

That’s it. Your range is imported.

Freebetrange a new range imported

We recommend checking out the official Freebetrange’s Import Ranges manual. There are additional tips and instructions on how to import ranges consisting of several actions.

Mass import from HRC

As we learned from the previous paragraph, you can import ranges one-by-one from almost any poker tool. There is one software that stands out from this list – HRC (HoldemResources Calculator). From this software, mass import is available. This means, instead of importing one range after another, you can import the whole tree at once.

Please note that one-by-one ranges import from HRC is still available, you can use it in addition to Mass Import feature.

Export ranges in any format

You can export ranges from Freebetrange to any other poker app as well. Select a range, click “Export” and select the desired app format:

Freebetrange export ranges

Another small but very useful export feature is that you can export only a specific color hands from the range. A picture below explains how to do that.

Freebetrange Export a color

Share all your ranges easily

Freebetrange has made it easy for you to share all of your ranges to any other user in a couple of clicks. Select “Export configuration” in the user menu. Here you can flexibly customize what exact folder and ranges you want to include in your export.

Freebetrange export configuration

Once you click “Export”, your entire configuration will be downloaded as a file with a special .fbrange format. Then, your friends or students can easily import this file and have exactly the same ranges in their accounts.

Check out the official Export guides for more detailed information.

Preflop charts Viewer

Viewer section is where you can review all your strategy in a convenient form of dynamic preflop chart. Here you can click the buttons of your ranges/folders to easily navigate through your configuration. You can use Viewer when you’re playing to have a quick access to your charts (if it’s allowed in your poker room).

Preflop Range Viewer
Preflop Charts Viewer

Viewer layout is highly customizable. Open the settings to see all the options available.

Preflop Range Viewer Settings

Viewer is adapted for any screen sizes, mobile devices and tablets. You can resize your browser window for more compact charts displaying, or open the Viewer page from your phone.

Preflop Range Viewer Mobile app

Preflop Trainer

Trainer section is designed for your to practice your strategy. Memorizing ranges is very important for you to have a preflop model in your head. That makes your preflop decisions faster and the whole hand analysis in your head much clearer.

Preflop Trainer

Freebetrange Preflop Trainer provides you with two practicing modes. Both of them are efficient for ranges learning. We’ll describe them both now in more detail.

Classic training mode: Real game simulator

In this mode, you will practice in a manner that is as close as possible to the real game. Everything is like in real poker: you will be dealt hole cards and you need to make a decision with them – what action to take.

poker ranges trainer

There are also some customization possibilities that will help you to make your learning process more convenient and efficient.

Customize what hands will be dealt when training

When training, if you are dealt two random cards in each hand, most of your decisions might be very easy. (Like obvious folds). So the training process can be not really time-efficient. To avoid that, you can set exactly what hands you want to be dealt when training a particular range.

Customize what hands will be dealt when training

Note that by default training range contains not all the starting hands. The smart script already filtered out too obvious hands for you. You can further customize it, if you like. For example, you can remove the top part of the range too (The premium hands like pocket aces, pocket kings, etc.). If you want to return to the default settings, click on the “Generate automatically” button.

Customize stack sizes, positions, bets

For each range, you can customize how the table should look like:

  • How many players are in the hand.
  • What position you’re in.
  • What stack sizes all the players have.
  • What bets some players already made.
Preflop Trainer customization

Because you have a total freedom of creating ranges/folders system in the Editor, the app doesn’t know for sure what exact game situation the certain range represents. That’s why you need to configure these parameters by your own so you have all the graphics when training.

Range training mode: Draw a range from memory

This mode presents you a breakthrough approach to memorize your preflop strategy. Instead of playing hundreds of hands in simulator, why don’t just try to draw the entire range from memory? This is a good practice for your brain. And it also develops the poker mindset that all pro players have – not thinking about specific hand, but thinking about the entire range you have in a particular game situation.

So the whole training process is built around this concept. First, you need to draw you range from the memory:

Poker Drawing Range Trainer

Then, after you click “Check”, you’ll see how close you were to the original range. The mistaken hands are marked with red circles.

poker trainer check the answer

What training mode to use?

They both have pros and cons. Classic mode is more similar to the real game, so it can be useful as a warm-up before your sessions. The range mode is more efficient in terms of learning time and develops the pro thinking. We recommend combining both modes in your poker learning routine.


Freebetrange has a totally free version and also a PRO version with extended functionality. PRO starts at $2.75 per month with a 3-years plan. There is also a 1 month free trial period for “PRO” version, that is easily activated in the app.

Freebetrange pricing plans
Freebetrange pricing plans

In a free tier, you can only have 2 colors in your ranges and no weighted cells. If you navigate to a range that is not available in a free version, you’ll see this screen.

Freebetrange free version - pro range

Note that all your ranges are safe forever. Doesn’t matter if you free trial goes off or your PRO license ended, all your ranges are still in your account. You can restore a full access anytime by purchasing a licenses again.


Freebetrange in an essential preflop tool that almost every player will find useful. It’s fast, powerful, intuitive and helps you in all the areas of preflop mastering. Make sure to try it out. If you have any feedback/suggestions, feel free to leave them in the official Freebetrange Discord server. The devs are very responsive and pay attention to every discussion there.