5 Best Online Poker Software In 2024

📝 Last updated: 15 May, 2024.

It’s very hard to imagine a professional online poker player who doesn’t use the software in 2024. Poker tools become inevitable part of any serious player. They help you in all the aspects of your career, from tracking your results to shaping your understanding of GTO and calculating equity.

In this article we provide you with a quick overview of the top 5 most popular poker programs. Every professional player knows these tools.

1. Hand2Note

Hand2Note (in poker slang – H2N) is the #1 poker tracking software poker players use. It helps players to track their results, analyze the game and see the HUD (“head-up display”) on the opponents at the table. Basically it’s the most important tool you should have in your arsenal.

Hand2Note poker software

Hand2Note has numerous features for players of all levels which you’ll be mastering while using the program. It’s great for your growth, as even if you start using Hand2Note for basic features in the early stages of your career, in 2 years you’d still be exploring something new in the software.

Hand2Note poker hud

Let’s highlight the main functions. Hand2Note will help you to:

  • Track your results and statistics from all your hands played.
  • See the HUD stats on your opponents at the tables.
  • Analyze your own game and find the leaks through comprehensive filters.
  • Investigate behaviour of various types of opponents. And have a more confidence against them (like tight regulars, aggressive fish, calling stations, etc.)

2. GTO Wizard

GTO Wizard is the number 1 poker GTO (Game Theory Optimal) software to master GTO concepts of the game. In modern poker, you have to know at least the basics of GTO, as any player has instant access to that information from any device. So to stay ahead of the competition, you have to learn and practice GTO every day.

GTO Wizard

The main features that GTO Wizard has are:

  • GTO Library. a huge library of more than 10 million pre-solved situations. A smooth and user-friendly interface allows you to easily investigate any possible spot in poker.
  • GTO Trainer. a real game simulator, where all your actions will be assessed from GTO perspective.
  • Hand Analyzer. Import your hand history and see the detailed reports with all the mistakes you made (again, from GTO perspective).
GTO Wizard Library

So, using GTO tools like Wizard is one of the essential things in your poker learning journey. But remember: GTO is not the most profitable way to play. In poker, you’re making money from exploiting your opponents, that is, by deviating from GTO.

So, to become the best player, you should combine GTO and MDA approaches. Learn more about that from our MDA Poker article.

3. Equilab

In the era of super powerful software, you still need a simple poker equity calculator that will help you to see your ods to win in different game scenarios. Equilab is a super simple and straight-forward tool that does exactly it. You can enter the hand or a range of hands for each player and see the chances to win. It’s also possible to set a board (flop, turn, and river), so Equilab allows you to estimate your equity at any stage of the hand.

Poker Equity Calculator

You can also practice your game understanding using Equilab. You can set different scenarios, and try to estimate the equity from your head. And then check the accuracy of your thoughts. By doing a few scenarious every day, you’ll significantly improve your equity and odds understanding over time.

4. Jurojin

Jurojin is a software that helps you to organize your game when multi-tabling. (Playing a few tables at the same time). While playing many tables, every second of your timebanks become valuable. Because the density of the decisions you have to make is very high. In these circumstances, every tiny distraction can affect the quality of your decisions.

Jurojin poker software

That’s why you shouldn’t waste the precious time on organizing your tables on the screen, entering the bet amount, remebering what was the action before you and so on. Jurojin will handle all of it (and more) for you. All your tables will be perfectly organized. You’ll see all the needed info on the table: pot odds, betting history, etc. And you’ll also have the bet sizings pre-configured and actions are easily taken by hot keys.

5. Freebetrange

Freebetrange (in poker slang – FBR) is a browser-based preflop tool that allows you to manage and train your preflop charts. FBR becomes #1 preflop app for many professional players. It provides you with the smooth and powerful range Editor. So you can organize your preflop strategy as you like.

Freebetrange poker range editor

Then you can also efficiently learn your ranges in preflop Trainer. There are two training modes. The first mode is a real-game simulator where you’ll make decisions with your hole cards. The second mode is called “Range-drawing”. In this mode, you’ll try to draw a specific range from memory. And then check how close you were to the original one.

Poker preflop trainer app

Besides that, Freebetrange offers you a Library of free and paid ready-made preflop charts. They’re all designed by successful players and coaches. So you can load them instantly to your Editor, and then work with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What software do poker pros use?

Poker pros use various software to improve their game and gain an advantage at the tables. The most popular tool is a Poker HUD (Heads-Up Display), which shows stats and info about opponents right on the table. It helps pros make better reads and adjust their strategies. Poker tracking software records every hand played, allowing players to review their performance and track opponent stats. Poker solvers use algorithms to analyze the game situations and recommend optimal strategies from GTO (Game theory optimal) perspective. They help pros understand the game better and make profitable decisions. Poker training sites offer educational content for staying updated and learning from top players.

How much does poker software cost?

Poker software prices vary widely, from a few dollars to thousands. Poker HUD software typically ranges from $0 to $100 per month. Solvers are more expensive, starting at $50 per month and going up to a few thousand dollars for lifetime licenses. Other categories of poker software, such as equity calculators, range managers, table organizers, and betting assistants, are generally more affordable, ranging from $2 to $15 per month. Some of these options also offer lifetime licenses for under $100. Consider your budget and specific needs when choosing the right software for you.

What is the best poker solver tool?

When choosing a poker solver tool, consider these factors: advanced features for different game types, an easy-to-use interface, fast calculations, regular updates, and cost-effectiveness. GTO Wizard is a highly recommended tool for its user-friendly interface and pre-calculated solutions. It can be accessed through a browser, making it convenient to use. For custom calculations, Piosolver is the top choice. It offers powerful capabilities for analyzing any possible game spot. Compare the features and benefits of these tools to find the best fit for your needs. With the right solver, you’ll improve your GTO understanding and make better decisions at the poker table.

What is poker tracking software?

Poker tracking software is a tool used by players to analyze and improve their game. It records every hand played in online poker games, allowing players to review their performance and gather statistics on opponents. It tracks metrics like win rates, hand histories, and positional play. Detailed reports with graphs and charts help identify patterns and areas for improvement. The software often includes a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that shows real-time opponent stats on the poker table. It’s a valuable tool for serious players, providing insights to make better decisions and exploit weaknesses in opponents’ games.


So those were the 5 most essential poker software that you should know about. They cover different aspects of your poker success, from tracking your results to organizing your tables and preflop charts, and practicing GTO strategy. Make sure to check all the tools out. All of the mentioned tools have a free plan available. So you can start using them even if you’re not ready to spend money on the software now. Later, you can try a free trial of premium tiers to check whether they’re worth investing money in them. (In the long term they are).