Best poker tracker software

Hand2Note is the undisputed leader among all the poker trackers on the market. It has a huge advantage over all the outdated software like Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. It’s just a completely different level. Let’s consider why you shouldn’t even think about which poker HUD software to use.

Best poker tracker software 2020

1. Advanced HUD

First of all, the main function of any tracker is poker HUD. It allows to see the stats on your opponents right on the table during the game. All the professional poker players use HUD in their playing sessions.

You probably have already used HUD in old software. Most likely it was just a static set of bare numbers that you see for all the players all the time. Hand2Note offers you completely new level solution. You will get positional and dynamic HUD options. Such kind of HUD can show you the most relevant data on any opponents depends on various parameters:

  • position of the player;
  • effective stack size;
  • hands sample;
  • action in hand;
  • and so on.
best poker tracker hud
Hand2Note positional HUD

You can have thousands of stats in your HUD but see only the most needed data for the current game spot and opponent type. Check out our HUD store to get a best HUD option for Hand2Note.

2. Database analysis

Hand2Note is not just a simple tracker for displaying HUD on your opponents. It provides you with outstanding tools for meticulous analysis of your game and your opponents trends.

You’ll be able to thoroughly investigate players pool you play in. You’ll highly improve your understanding of other poker players game style.

Bet sizing distribution of player cbet
  • How do your the opponents design their ranges?
  • What situations they overbluff and underbluff?
  • What frequencies of specific actions on different board textrures against different bet sizings?

You can the answers on all such questions with Hand2Note. To learn all the capabilities of the most powerful poker tracker quickly and effectively you can use our coaching offer. Also take a look at our complete Hand2Note video course.

3. Speed and performance

Hand2Note uses modern scientific achievements to ensure high speed of import and HUD functioning. Everything will work very fast and smoothly. At the same time, Hand2Note software is well-optimized and can work normally even on weak devices.

Hand2Note importing hands speed

4. Support of large amount of rooms

Hand2Note supports a lot of poker sites, including all the most popular poker networks as well as lesser-known applications. For example, Hand2Note obviously provides HUD for PokerStars room, and HUD in PokerBros is also supported.

Please note, that you can get the best poker tracker software for free, and also get a professional license at a discount using our coupon.