PokerBros HUD

📝 Last updated: 11 June, 2024.

PokerBros is one of the most popular Chinese mobile poker applications. This room has a lot of different games with a very weak player pool. Using HUD in PokerBros will help you improve the quality of your decisions and effectively exploit your opponents.

Get smooth and accurate PokerBros HUD with Hand2Note

Hand2Note is the best poker tracking software for displaying HUD in Asian apps. And it fully supports PokerBros room as well. You can start using PokerBros HUD with Hand2Note for free with 14 days trial period. After your trial ends, you can get Hand2Note PRO license at a 10% discount with our GUIDE10 promo code.

Hand2Note HUD is fast, compact, and accurate. So it’s a perfect fit for Asian apps where the game is very dynamic, you have neither enough sample on the opponents nor much space for HUD panels at the tables.

PokerBros HUD
PokerBros HUD with Hand2Note

By default, a simple HUD with the most common stats is displayed on the tables. You can also get more complex and effective HUDs in our store.

How to set it up?

It’s very easy. Just run Hand2Note and PokerBros table at the same time. HUD will appear automatically right at the table. Take a look at our getting started manual.

Multi-tabling is also supported, so you can open as many tables as you want. Hand2Note will grab hands from each of them.

Run poker HUD on a few emulators at once

If HUD doesn’t work after your run Hand2Note and PokerBros app, follow our step-by-step troubleshooting guide to resolve the issue. If it doesn’t help, you can contact the support team.

Please note that Hand2Note also works with other Asian apps like PPPoker.

What about other Hand2Note features?

Besides HUD, Hand2Note provides you with many other professional tools for the game and analysis. Check out our overview of outstanding Hand2Note possibilities you’ll get with a PRO subscription.

You should definitely consider start using them. With Hand2Note capabilities, you can take your poker routine to the next level. This applies to both games and off-table analysis. Hand2Note allows you to develop your skill in all directions.

hand2note visual popup
See visual data on your opponents right in game

Pay attention to our complete poker video course and personal coaching offers. It’ll help you to study all the Hand2Note features and start to apply your knowledge to improve your game.