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PRO Cash best seller

PRO Cash is a pack of HUDs and popups for cash games from professional poker player and member of Hand2Note team Nick James.

The main advantages of the pack:

  • Displaying different stats in HUD depending on opponent’s and Hero’s positions, opponent’s preflop acting before/after Hero and opponent’s type (reg/fish). You can always see only actual stats, and take the majority of preflop decisions without opening popups.
  • Competent combination of preflop and postflop statistics in popups allows you to quickly get all necessary information, not waste time switching between popups, and focus on thinking on your decisions.

The pack is suitable for both 6-max and 9-10-max tables, as well as SH and FR mix.

Positional HUD

This HUD allows you to see only relevant stats for every opponent based on player’s type and position.

PokerStars HUD

Special HUD edition that complies with new PokerStars rules. You can still easily reach positional data: just click on any stat to open popup.

PokerStars PRO Cash HUD on the table
HUD transcription


Board textures

Investigate players behaviour on different board textures

Example: Flop continuation bet frequencies on different board types
Boards names explanation with examples

Decision Analysis

Custom bet sizings and hand groups


Nick James

Simple Cash popular

Simple HUD for cash games. Ergonomic and effective. Suitable for any game type (2-10 max, ante, straddle) and any room (PokerStars, Asian apps, etc.)

HUD and popups can be slightly changed at your request.

HUD #1

Quick switching between tabs: General (*), PFR (R) and Caller (C)

Simple Cash HUD at the table
HUD transcription

HUD #2

All stats in one place

Simple Cash HUD at the table
HUD transcription


Venom Cash

VENOM is a package developed in consultation with more than ten NL100+ regulars over 6 months. After the first release, it was redesigned by over 70% for an even better experience – popups have received new convenient tabs and lines. You can use Venom not only at the tables, but also to analyse your game or your opponents as you have more than 5000 stats at your disposal.

All HUDs and popups illustrated below are included into the package. You can use all the HUDs from the set for playing in any rooms, including PokerStars.


Positional HUD

Static HUD#1

Static HUD#2

Static HUD#3

Static HUD#4

Static HUD#6


TANK HUD and popup package contains:

  • 4 different static HUDs – it’s up to you which one you want to use – simple or advanced HUD;
  • 11 postflop popups with advanced stats;
  • includes board textures stats;
  • postflop popups for common situations BTN vs BB, SB vs BB etc;
  • simple stats for multiways.


Advanced HUD with tabs
Advanced HUD no tabs
Standard, simple and Hero HUDs
On the table


Venom [Straddle]

Venom[Straddle] is a package developed specifically for Chinese poker rooms, where:

  • you have to make your decisions very quickly;
  • you don’t have enough hands on your opponents;
  • there is little space in the table interface.

We have taken all of that into account and created a product you will undoubtedly love. We are giving you 19 Pop-Ups and 2 HUDs — Positional and Static. All the Pop-Ups are bound to HUD stats and additional letter tabs for your convenience. The necessary information is always easy to find. Pop-Ups contain exhaustive data about all possible game scenarios. We also added visualization of various ranges and lines, so that you can quickly assess your opponent’s tendencies. Thoughtfully chosen colors will help you easily transition to using new pop-ups.

Asian rooms, including PokerBros, are distinguished by a very dynamic game and a large number of weak opponents. Using a quality HUD will help you make significantly more money.


Positional HUD

Static HUD

Venom [MTT]

VENOM [MTT] is a package developed in consultation with more than ten  $100+ regulars over 6 months.  You can use Venom [MTT] not only at the tables, but also to analyse your game or that of your opponents – you have more than 14000 stats at your disposal.


Static HUD#1

Static HUD#2

Static HUD#5


Advanced TANK MTT HUD was made in a cooperation with one of the best MTT high stakes REG.

✓ The product includes 6k filter definitions
✓ Preflop is designed with split into stack sizes
✓ Postflop contains all necessary statistics during MTT session



VeeeA Profitable

This package was developed together with a professional player Artem “Veeea” Vezhenkov. He is a real MTT legend, who knows how to hit the prizes better than anyone else.

Positional HUD

Static HUD




Positional HUD

Like an X-ray that enables you to see what is hidden from the naked eye, this HUD reveals weaknesses in your opponents game. Thanks to splitting stats by position and stack size. You will only see the most relevant information to inform your decision. With a big enough sample, Open Raise stats from a specific position are further split by open raise size – small and large, and help you make an even better decision. If you need detailed information on how your opponent acts when choosing a specific line, you will find it in the Pop-Ups.

Static HUD

Following the new PokerStars rules (forbidding positional HUDs) a new static “Rentgen” HUD has been developed. The basic structure remained the same, but positional stats and stack sizes have been moved to quick-access Pop-Ups.

All HUDs and popups illustrated below are included into the package.


Stack sizes popups

Positional HUD

Static HUD


Essential One for Spins

With all the advanced features only available in Hand2Note we had the opportunity to create one of the most detailed Spin&Go Huds on the market. Essential One is a dynamic Hud that recognizes your position and shows only the relevant stats for the current scenario. Although is detailed, we spent months to optimize the structure of the panels making it easy to use while playing.

Essential One is also includes a layout optimized for PokerStars. It’s still powerful even with the strong Hud resctrictions on the site thanks to the possibility of the fast, hot-key based Hud layout switch.

3-max BTN

The 3-handed layout is optimized for every possible scenario and positions. The layout is changed dynamically at every hand, showing only the panels relevant to your current situation. Effective stack sizes are also recognized and filtered automatically. These features help keeping your focus only on the most relevant stats for the given spot.

3-max SB

3-max BB


The 2-handed layout is a powerful heads-up HUD with expanded preflop statistics and rich postflop panels. Hud change is automatic even on PokerStars, so you don’t need to worry with the annoying technical issues.

The preflop panels include more detailed effective stacks and the stats are colored based on GTO. Postflop panels include secondary stats, like barrels and folds on next street to avoid the unnecessary use of popups. The revolutionary vsVillain panels show hero’s lifetime stats against the current opponent. This helps to track how hero has played against the current enemy in the previous games and what the enemy might think about him. 

PokerStars Layout

Due to strong Hud restrictions on PokerStars, the Hud is shipped with a layout compatible with all PokerStars rules. It’s still a detailed 3-handed hud that covers the big majority of the situations.

To fully comply with the new rules of PokerStars only two layouts are used in this version: one for 3-handed and another for 2-handed. The Hud change happens automaticaly when heads-up is reached so you don’t need to worry about scripts or third-party apps. You can also configure a hotkey to access the advanced version of the Hud for the current hand so you still have the chance to look for any advanced stat.


A popup is attached to every stat to visualize deeply what is happening behind the raw numbers. You will find the following additional information about a stat: bet sizes, board textures, hand strength, vsHero stats, next player actions and showdowns.

Low sample

While the HUD is detailed, it gives insufficient information for players with low number of hands. So until reaching at least 30 hands, the postflop panels are replaced by a more compact panel that shows the most basic and important stats.


Compactness and relevance of Spin&Wow HUD is based on a long-term analysis of field trends and verification of the need to display a particular stats based on the frequency of game spots. In our HUD there is everything that is most needed for the Spin&Go player. The remaining stats are placed in convenient and structured popups.

With the help of a large number of various and useful popups, you can get a complete picture of a particular opponent, both during the game and analysis. Exclusive tabs with full lines allow you to analyze in detail the game of any player, as well as find deviations from trends and average stats of the field.

Spin&Wow HUD complies with all new PokerStars rules.

Popups 3-max

Popups 2-max



TANK Mass Data Analysis package with 80 popups and 10k custom stats has been designed for

  • Mass Database Analysis – easy way to find players pool leaks (using Range Research)
  • Easy way to analyse your own game

This product is dedicated for 6 max cash game players who wants to DIG DEEPER.


Boards and bet sizings


You can use ANALYTICS package to dive really deep into analyzing databases. Having adopted this package, you will take your analytical capabilities and understanding of general trends to a whole new level.

The package contains: 

  • 18000 stats, including 6000 advanced custom stats for various board textures; 
  • 80 pop-ups for all the possible lines and situations.

Analytics pack will be beneficial primarily for professional players, poker schools and coaches, as it allows you to thoroughly break apart any database, quickly and easily find leaks in your game and your students’ game, as well as typical leaks at your limit.

Preflop EDGE

Preflop SIMPLE




TANK-Mass Data Analysis LINES with 26 popups and 28k custom definitions. The product is designed fot SH and FR players who want to do Range Researches in easy way.

You can check playerpool lines by one click at any structure (there are a lot of OVERFOLDING lines – easy to adopt into game after analyse it). Great opportunity to check what should be YOURS bottom CATCHER in most of common lines (product show how playerpool construct River range depend of betsizeing and board Textures).


What payment options are available?

By clicking on “Buy” button you can process an instant and secure payment by PayPal, Visa or MasterCard. We also accept Skrill. Please follow these steps, if you want to pay for the package with your Skrill account.

What will I get after purchasing?

You’ll be redirected to certain package support chat. They’ll help you to install the package shortly. We are cooperating only with reliable developers, they’re all helpful and responsive.

Do I need Hand2Note paid license?

All static HUDs are suitable for use in a free Hand2Note version. However, positional HUDs will only work if you have active trial period or EDGE or PRO license. Each product usually contains a set of different HUDs, so will be able to use some of them with a free version anyway.

If you want to use advanced HUDs and other amazing Hand2Note features, you can get a license at a discount with H2N10MJ promo code. Also check out our Starter Pack offer that includes a lot of bonuses along with the annual Hand2Note PRO or EDGE license.

Will I be able to add or change stats in HUD?

Yes. The packages are available for editing, so you can modify HUD and popups for your needs.

What stakes can the HUDs be used at?

All presented packages are unlimited. You can use HUD and popups to play and analyze opponents at any stakes.

What if HUD doesn’t work?

Please carefully follow general troubleshooting steps first. If it doesn’t help, please contact us.

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