Asian rooms

Chinese mobile apps are a new trend in online poker. The very weak field of players and the constant availability of the game at any stakes attract more and more regulars from European rooms. The game in China is faster, looser, and more dispersive, but the win rates of regular players are much higher.

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Obviously, you may use your phone to play in these apps. But it’s also possible to use special Android emulator software to play on a PC. You can use Hand2Note HUD on emulators in the same way as you do it at regular tables in classic rooms.

hand2note pokermaster
Play in Asian apps with Hand2Note HUD

Registration in Chinese rooms is available only through special affiliates. Contact us for more information.

What apps are supported?

The list can either be updated with new rooms or temporarily narrowed due to updates of some apps. You can always check the actual information on your room with the support service.

  • PokerMaster
  • PokerKing
  • PokerBros
  • Molly’s Game (ex. PokerKingdom)
  • PPPoker
  • KKpoker
  • PokerCommunity
  • FishPoker
  • Tribal Pioneer (ex. PokerClans)
  • RedDragon
  • RealPoker (ex. 1pokerstars)
  • AllinPoker
  • Bingo (ex. HiTea)
  • UPoker
  • WePoker
  • PokerTime
You can use the HUD on PokerBros and other supported apps

How to set everything up?

Getting started with Hand2Note in Chinese applications is very easy. You just need to run Hand2Note and the poker table in one of the supported rooms at the same time. The HUD will appear automatically, and the hands will begin to be saved to the database. If necessary, you can run several emulators. Hand2Note will display the HUD on all running tables.

By default, Hand2Note shows a standard HUD, consisting of the simplest stats – VPIP, PFR, and the number of hands. If this is not enough for you, you can create or purchase a more complex HUD and popups.

Example of advanced popup. This is part of Venom Straddle package from our store.