Hand2Note HUD: which one is better?

Let’s suppose you have already installed Hand2Note and started using it. Most likely you have experienced the important issue: which Hand2Note HUD is better to use? Do I need to configure the HUD myself? Or it’s not worth to waste time and it’s better to find a ready solution? Which type of HUD is preferable – static, positional or dynamic? We’ll try to figure out in this article what is the best option for you.

Try default profiles

There are plenty of different HUDs for Hand2Note. First of all, there are two standard profiles in the program by default. When we say “profile” or “pack” we mean the set of stats, HUD and popups. So for the beginning you may use default HUD. It contains only the most basic and important information: nickname, VPIP, PFR and number of hands.

hand2note default HUD
Hand2Note default HUD

Create your own Hand2Note HUD

If you think default simple HUD is not enough for you, you may consider different options. Primarily, nobody will create suitable HUD for you better than yourself. And given that Hand2Note provides you with flexible and intuitive tools, you can create your own profile.

hand2note hud editor
Hand2Note HUD editor

It’s worth to note, even though the process of creating HUD, popups and stats is not so complicated, it may take a lot of time.

Explore commercial HUDs

If you want to save time, you should pay attention to ready-made solutions. Hand2Note official shop contains a lot of various packs for different game types.

hand2note shop
The link to the official Hand2Note shop

Usually packages authors provide free trial periods for their products. So you can try a few different HUDs before choosing the best one for your needs. The contacts of developers are presented in each product description. Get in touch with the developers and they will help you to configure the pack properly.

Order private HUD

In case you don’t like any of the ready-made commercial HUDs, but still want to save time, you can order private HUD. This option also would be great for the players who are going to switch to Hand2Note from other tracker. The professional team will design HUD according to your template. All the stats will be tested to make sure that everything works correctly. Contact us for more details.

Use automatic HUD

The last option in the list is Auto HUD. This is the new Hand2Note feature. It shows you the most relevant statistics for the current game situation automatically. You don’t need to set up anything to make it work. It’s very useful feature, but most of the players use it as an addition to the main HUD. Probably default HUD + auto HUD will be enough and you don’t need to search for commercial packs or spend time on HUD customization.

hand2note auto hud
Example of Hand2Note auto HUD: It shows player’s open raise stat value when he actually makes an open raise

Auto HUD is available only on PRO subscription. So you can buy PRO version with the discount to get an access to that function.


There are many different HUD options for Hand2Note. You can:

  • use default HUD profiles;
  • create your own HUD with Hand2Note tools;
  • buy ready-made pack from Hand2Note shop;
  • order private HUD;
  • use brand new auto HUD feature.

Pay attention to all possible options and choose the best HUD for yourself.