HUD is not showing up

Usually HUD appears automatically when you run Hand2Note and poker room application simultaneously. But what to do if Hand2Note HUD not showing for some reason? We’ll provide you with step-by-step guide to resolve no HUD issue in this article.

hand2note hud not showing
Hand2Note and poker room are open, but HUD doesn’t work

Alright, so let’s resolve it. Our guide will include simple steps (don’t skip them, they can help!), and also more specific ones.

1. Make sure you run a supported app

If you’re trying to get HUD in the most popular sites like PokerStars, you can safely proceed to the next step. But if it’s less popular room, you need to ensure that it’s supported by Hand2Note. Take a look at the list of the supported apps and check. (There is a separate list of supported Asian rooms). If your app is not in the list, Hand2Note HUD obviously doesn’t work there.

2. Update Hand2Note to the latest version

It’s better to keep Hand2Note software updated as the latest version may contain fixes for the problems with your room. So if you see Updates inscription in red, click on it and install all the available updates.

Update Hand2Note to get HUD work

3. Install Windows OS updates

We would recommend to install all the available Windows updates as well. In some cases it may help to solve Hand2Note HUD issue. But even if it doesn’t help with that problem in your case, it’s still useful for more stable operation of Hand2Note software.

Updating Windows can be helpful as well

4. Run all the apps as administrator

Hand2Note runs as administrator by default. But your poker site app may not do the same. So when you open your room, right click on its shortcut and select “Run as administrator”. If you play in Asian apps through Android emulator, you can skip this step.

Run poker room app as administrator

5. Check if your Hand2Note license is active

If you want to display HUD in one of the European or American rooms, Hand2Note free version fits you. So you can skip that step. But if you’re trying to use HUD in PokerBros or some other Asian app, you need to have active license. It can be free trial period for Asian rooms, or ASIA or PRO subscription. If you don’t have it, you can buy it at a discount with our promo code. We recommend to choose PRO version, as it contains all the advanced features of the software.

Poker hand range diagrams are part of Hand2Note PRO version

6. Just wait

HUD may not appear instantly if you start using Hand2Note in the room for the first time. So try to just wait for a few minutes. Please note that you don’t have to sit at the table to get HUD. Hand2Note should show HUD on the opponents even if you’re just observing the game.

Hand2Note HUD is displayed in observer mode on PokerStars

7. Restart everything two times

It’s obvious, but in a fairly large number of cases, this can help. So try to restart:

  • your PC;
  • WiFi router;
  • Hand2Note;
  • poker room app.

You won’t have to do that every time. It’s needed only once to make Hand2Note catch your app traffic.

8. What if nothing hepled?

If you completed all the steps, but there is still no HUD at the tables, maybe there is a specific problem in your configuration. Or it also can be general Hand2Note issue after update of particular room app. Please contact Hand2Note support team. They will provide you with the latest information about certain rooms and help to get HUD if everything is fine on Hand2Note side.