Simple Cash

Simple HUD and popups for cash games designed by Nick Korolev. Ergonomic and effective. Great option for the players who just wanna see the most common and important data on the opponents. Suitable for any game type (2-10 max, ante, straddle) and any room (PokerStars, Asian apps, etc.)

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Simple Cash HUD#1 at the table
HUD#1 Transcription


Simple Cash HUD#2 at the table
HUD#2 Transcription


Simple Cash HUD#3 at the table
HUD#3 Transcription



  • 0:00​ Intro
  • 0:42​ HUD 1
  • 5:07​ Switching between HUDs
  • 5:23​ HUD 2
  • 6:51​ HUD 3
  • 8:01​ Comparison with other packs
  • 8:26​ Customizing HUD for your needs
  • 8:52​ How to get Simple Cash pack