Hand2Note 4: Getting Started

📝 Last updated: 11 June, 2024

Hand2Note is one of the best poker tools, and Hand2Note 4 is the latest version of the software. It contains all the most advanced functions. The main differences from the previous version are Smart Reports and improved import speed.

Hand2Note 4

Please note that H2N 4 is still in beta testing stage. Therefore, when using this version, you are aware that the software may be unstable and sometimes have lags and errors. If you want to use the stable version of the software, consider Hand2Note 3.

Now, as you decided to stay here, let’s get started with Hand2Note 4 setup.

1. Download & Install

Download Hand2Note 4 and follow the simple installation steps (just click “Next” all the time).

Hand2Note 4 Installation
Hand2Note 4 Installation

2. Enjoy Free Beta

Hand2Note 4 is totally free now! You can use all the features for free during the beta-testing period. We would appreciate it if you report any problems you’re facing to our support team.

In the near future, the beta test period will end, and paid subscriptions for Hand2Note 4 will be released (similar to Hand2Note 3 Edge and Pro). Enter your email in the form below and we’ll notify you about the release and offer the best early bird discount.

    We'll notify you about Hand2Note 4 sales start and offer the early bird discount and bonuses.

    3. Transfer your Hand2Note 3 Configuration (Optional)

    If you used Hand2Note 3 before, you can safely move all your HUDs, settings and database to Hand2Note 4.

    To import your HUDs, popups, and settings, select “Tools” → “Convert Hand2Note 3 Config…” in the top menu.

    Then, you’ll need to select your Hand2Note 3 folder location. Please note: you need to select the root Hand2Note 3 folder, not the Config folder. By default, the root Hand2Note 3 folder is “C:\Program Files\Hand2Note”.

    After your settings import is completed, you can also import your database. To do that, go back to the top menu and select “Import” → “Import from Database…”

    You will need to again select the location of the Hand2Note 3 folder (C:\Program Files\Hand2Note), and also choose what exact database you want to import your hands from.

    After these two steps are completed, you’ll have your full Hand2Note 3 configuration in your new Hand2Note 4 software.

    4. Start HUD

    To start Hand2Note HUD, in most cases, you just need to launch Hand2Note and your room poker client at the same time. Then, after you open any table, HUD should appear automatically. You can improve the accuracy of the hands gathering for some rooms by configuring auto-import folders.

    Hand2Note 4 HUD
    Hand2Note 4 HUD Example: Cosmos MTT

    If there are problems with HUD displaying, follow the troubleshooting steps. If they do not help, contact the Hand2Note support team.

    The default Hand2Note HUD contains a few basic stats: VPIP, PFR and number of hands. You might want to use a bit more complex HUD. In that case we recommend checking our Free HUD. For even more advanced, professional HUD & Popup packages, check out the HUD Store.

    What’s next?

    Continue exploring Hand2Note 4, as it has numerous features to improve your game. One of the best features is Multi-Player Reports (former Range Research) that allows you to run MDA reports and deeply investigate different types of players – their typical behaviour in various game spots.

    💡 Learn more about MDA from our How to use Mass Data Analysis to crush games article.