Free HUD

You can easily start using Hand2Note for free without any cracks. But how to get a free Hand2Note HUD? There are a few possible options we’ll consider in this article.

Get our special-designed free HUD

First of all, we offer a completely free HUD for Hand2Note from our partners. There are two versions for Cash and tournament players. Both versions contain the most relevant and useful statistics.

Hand2Note free HUD
Hand2Note free HUD
free hud explanation
HUD transcription

This poker HUD doesn’t contain any positional and dynamic options, so you can use it as your main HUD for PokerStars. It fully complies with this room policy. All the additional stats for different positions are in popups.

There are popups for Preflop and Postflop in both versions. MTT version includes separation for different stack sizes as well.

To get this HUD just leave your email in the special field at the very bottom of this page. We will send you all the necessary files and instructions as soon as possible.

Get Simple Cash HUD&popups pack

If you’re a cash games regular player, take a look at our Simple Cash package. It contains 3 simple but effective HUDs with special popups assigned to each cell. A more detailed description of the package is available here.

You may get this pack for free. Check out how you can do that.

Try standard HUD

In addition, you can use standard Hand2Note HUD and popup profiles that are presented in the software by default. They are called “default” and “PokerMaster default”. These profiles contain a basic set of stats that will be enough for the beginning. More experienced players can also use find this HUD usable, in Asian apps, for example.

hand2note default hud
Hand2Note default HUD

The default popup contains more detailed information on the player.

hand2note default popup
Hand2Note default popup

These standard HUD and popups are completely free and come with the program by default. So you can start using Hand2Note with this free HUD. No additional settings are required, just follow initial setup instructions.

Adjust HUD for your needs

You can also modify HUD and add a few stats to it to make it more informative. You need to use the HUD editor. It has a pretty intuitive interface. Just add new rows or columns and drag & drop needed stats into the cells from the list on the left part of the screen.

hand2note modify hud
Modifying default HUD in the editor

You can also create a new profile and build a more complex HUD profile for your needs. HUD and stats editors are available with Hand2Note free version. The process of creating a professional HUD is described in detail in the video course.

Consider more advanced HUD

You can start using Hand2Note with free HUD, as we discussed above. But it’s just a static HUD, that doesn’t reflect the full power of the best poker tracker software. So when you are ready to go to the next level, pay attention to more advanced poker HUDs.

Hand2Note positional HUD example: PRO Cash pack

In addition to positional and dynamic HUD, you’ll get a rich set of other poker tools that will help you to significantly improve the quality of your play. Take a look at our overview of those features.

If you finally decide to upgrade your Hand2Note version, don’t forget to use the GUIDE10 coupon to get a discount and bonus HUD.