PRO Cash

PRO Cash is a professional pack of HUDs and popups for cash games by Nick Korolev.

Positional HUD, stats and popups

Detailed review of all game scenarios

Suitable for both 6-max and 9-10-max tables

Color range for each stat in HUD depeding on it’s value

BUY FOR $99 (Unlimited lifetime license) + Simple Cash for free

Positional HUD

This HUD allows you to see only relevant stats for every opponent based on player’s type and position.

PokerStars HUD

Special HUD edition that complies with new PokerStars rules. You can still easily reach positional data: just click on any stat to open popup.

PokerStars PRO Cash HUD on the table
HUD transcription


Board textures

Investigate players behaviour on different board textures

Example: Flop continuation bet frequencies on different board types
Boards names explanation with examples

Decision Analysis

Custom bet sizings and hand groups