Perfect Cash

Perfect Cash is a perfectly balanced pack. It is lightweight and will provide you with the most necessary stats and a high import speed. But at the same time, it will allow you to take full advantage of Hand2Note.

The set contains more than 20 pop-ups for all kinds of game scenarios and 3 HUDs. You can use the dynamic HUD to see only the most relevant stats for the current hand stage. There are also 2 static HUDs in the set – for those who prefer more classic options, as well as for PokerStars regulars.

BUY FOR $99 (Unlimited lifetime license) + Simple Cash for free

Dynamic HUD

This HUD reflects the full power of Hand2Note software. The most important and relevant data is always in front of your eyes.

Static HUD#1

Great option for PokerStars. Ergonomic 1-panel hud for minimalism fans. Quick access to additional information in popups by clicking on any stat.

Static HUD#2 at the table
HUD transcription

Static HUD#2

This hud fully meets the requirements of PokerStars. Despite the fact that the HUD is static and does not change during the hand, it is very functional and effective. You can quickly find relevant information for the current game situation by switching between positional tabs.