Venom Omaha

In this set, we have reflected most of the preflop GTO and deviations from it in opponents’ stats. The focus is on the main leaks of the field. The pack is suitable both for the game and for analysis outside the tables.

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GTO Popups (Low stakes)

GTO Popups (Middle stakes)

Extended description

In this HUD we have displayed a major part of GTO on the preflop and how our opponents deviate from it, as well as tried to stress the main leaks of the player pool. This HUD is suitable both for a training session and for analyzing your own game or your opponent’s game away from the tables.

This HUD also displays separate stats for 5-6max and 3-4max tables.

Here are some leaks you can easily track even during the game.

1. Aggression on specific streets, total and split by single-raised pots, 3bet-pots and multiway pots. Opponents are often skewed towards aggressive or tight play in specific spots.

2. Playing vs effective stack. In PLO players often fail to adjust to the opponent’s effective stack.

3. Spotting your opponent’s low fold to squeeze as open raiser, which allows us to broaden our squeeze range and be okay with folding hands that we totally dominate, compared to squeezing optimal ranges, where we don’t get calls or reraises from worse hands.

4. Unprotected check/call check/raise lines with huge fold percentages to late-street bets.

5. “One-and-dones” in 3bet-pots OOP. Flop Bet ½ pot + over-check/fold on the turn. If we have this line as a stat we can just print money.

6. A terrible leak — ridiculously low river aggression. We avoid bluff catching, there is no use catching something that won’t be caught. And, if available, we also use the leak of the totally unprotected check/call+check/raise line.

The river sizings are also displayed. It allows us to spot unpolarized river bets. This means we can bet less than pot with a near-nuts so that the opponent doesn’t fold, and bet full pot as a bluff for more fold-equity.

Nevertheless, the same opponent might have huge river aggression in 3bet-pots just because there is so much money there. If we cannot easily compare aggression in single-raised and 3bet-pots, that will be hard to track.

7. On the lower limits, awkward distribution of RFI by position. There are two types of BU stealers: overfold to 3bet or nearly no-fold to 3bet.

Playing becomes easy when besides 3bet stats we also have a general 4bet range. We don’t risk getting a 4bet and we begin 3betting wider with hands that dominate frequent calls. And vice versa.

8. BvB. We exploit unbalanced limps — completing weak hands on SB, that are not supported by limp/reraise with some strong ones.