Simple stats

A simple stat is a stat whose value represents how often a player performs a certain action. For example, raising preflop or making continuation bets.

To create a simple stat, you just need to simulate an action, the frequency of which you want to see in HUD. For example, to create a “Open Raise” stat, it is enough to add the “Player Raise” action and assign the “First not fold action on the street” filter to it to exclude situations where other players had already invested money in the pot before the player.


Stat Open Raise is already presented in the program by default, it’s called Open Raise [Total]. To find already available stats you can use the search bar.

To create a stat Open Raise BTN, you should also assign a player position. This can be done either by selecting the desired position for the action, or separately in the “Preflop” tab:

hand2note open raise btn


hand2note create stat set position