Default profiles

Hand2Note comes with two standard profiles of HUDs and popups – default and PokerMaster default. They contain a basic set of stats, sufficient for a confident game at the initial level. However, these HUDs can also be used by experienced regulars, for example, in Asian rooms, where the sample on players is often insufficient for the productive use of complex HUDs.

HUD creation

Hand2Note has very flexible tools for designing your HUD. If you are going to make a HUD yourself, first of all, read the instructions for creating HUD and creating stats. You can also take personal lessons on creating a HUD of any complexity.

Import from HM2/PT4

Automatic HUD import from other trackers is not supported. So if you want to import your HUD and popups from another tracker, use private HUD order service. Please note that this service is paid. Carefully read the information on the link. If you are satisfied with the conditions, send a request to the support service.

Ready-made packs

You can choose one of the ready-made commercial packs in the official store. Pack developers usually provide free trial periods for their products. Therefore, you can contact the authors and try several options, and then choose the most suitable for yourself. You can find developers’ contacts in the description of each product in the store. Please note that in order to use commercial packs, you must have Hand2Note license key. That is, you need at least once to buy any subscription. Further, if you play micro stakes, it is not necessary to renew the subscription.


Free HUD

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of our offer to get a free professional HUD.