Loss of hands in Asian rooms

Occasionally Hand2Note may lose some hands while playing in Asian rooms due to the specificity of the process of collecting hands from these apps. Asian rooms don’t save any hand histories at all, Hand2Note grabs all the hands directly from the traffic. The slightest failure in the network can lead to packet loss and, as a result, to hand loss.

Hand2Note team working hard to improve stability, and losses do not exceed 1-2% of the total number of hands. Losses occur at random points in time, so it practically does not affect the overall result and, most importantly, the value of stats at a distance.

A few things you can do to reduce the probability of losses:

  1. Use stable internet connection
  2. Keep Hand2Note updated
  3. Add Hand2Note into your antivirus exceptions list
  4. Always run Hand2Note and emulator as administrator

If you notice that Hand2Note loses a lot more hands than usual, please contact customer support service.