Switching from HM2

At its core, Hand2Note is similar to Holdem Manager – both trackers allow you to display statistics on opponents on the table in real time, and also provide tools for analyzing Hero’s and opponents game outside the tables. However, Hand2Note is much faster, modern and advanced software. Why should you switch to Hand2Note now?

holderm manager to hand2note
Switching from Holdem Manager to Hand2Note

If you are playing with Holdem Manager 2 and want to start using Hand2Note, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Hand2Note. Don’t worry, you can use Hand2Note for free!
  2. Make the basic settings of the program and your room.
  3. Import your database from HM2 to H2N. After the end of the import, a list of players should appear in the main window.
  4. Start playing!

For a more complete familiarization with Hand2Note, we recommend you to study the help section on the official website and our extended guide on the program’s features.

You can also go through personal training to adjust to the new software as quickly as possible.

If you have problems using Hand2Note, try to find a solution in the appropriate section or contact customer support service.